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Min Dît / The Children of Diyarbakir / Децата на Диарбекир / Ta paidia enos allou theou 2009

also known as Before Your Eyes / Ben Gördüm / Ta paidia tou Diyarbakir / Min Dît - Die Kinder von Diyarbakir

Country: Germany | Turkey
Language: Kurdish | Turkish
Release Date: 12 May 2011 (Greece)
Genres: Drama
Director: Miraz Bezar
Writers: Miraz Bezar
Stars: Senay Orak, Muhammed Al, Hakan Karsak,Suzan Ilir,Berîvan Ayaz,Fahriye Çelik ...

Ten-year old Gulistan and her younger brother Firat live happily with their parents in Diyarbakir, the heart of Turkish Kurdistan. Tragedy strikes when their mother and father are shot down by paramilitary gunmen before their eyes. Traumatised and orphaned, Gulistan, Firat and their infant sister are placed in the care of their young, politically-active aunt Yekbun who soon disappears without a trace. As days turn into weeks, the money that their aunt left them runs out. Eventually, the children have to fend for themselves on the streets, where one day, Gulistan is shocked to come across the murderer of her parents.

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