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Ratzturbopiler ~ How to Pile Plots

video tutorial

On the farm:

1. Check for clear of spaces on the farm

2. Clear target location (0/0), bottom left corner

3. Set perimeter with 3 plots ( aka markers)


On Bot



1. Fv_settings ~ set farm and enable plugin to run.

2. Run a dry cycle.

3. Open ratzturbopiler plugin and refresh the page

4. Set world on the same farm as set in fv_settings

5. Tick “create + pile new Plots”

6. Tick “show map on the farm”

7. After #5 & #6 ticked, do save settings

8. Scroll down the page, search the markers set on the farm map.

9. Hoover the top left of the marker to get the X/Y coordinate

10. Fill in the coordinate in the X/Y box

11. Determine how many plots to pile:

a. Step: X is column (top down)
b. Step: Y is row (top left to right)
c. Each green square is 10x10 (equivalent to 100 per square) you may need to adjust the step by reducing or increasing to meet within the perimeter.

12. After completion of your coordinate settings, reload your farm and delete the markers.

13. Return to the bot and run a dry cycle.

14. Set “run” and “disable plugin after running” save settings

15. Run bot.


Maintain under 1500 plots to prevent whoa farmer when plow/plant/harvest.


Lisa Ngo and One step to Facebot and Farmville bot 
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